Why Tech Gurlz Rule

Tech gurlz rule because we women are so few and far between it is almost like being in an elevator that is empty sometimes.  This blog is just the beginning of what I hope to accomplish on the internet.

As a techie AND a female I have spent the majority of my life giving away advice & help to an almost ridiculous level.

That is why Tech Gurlz rule because we are finally tired of being taken advantage of by others.

This tech gurl now rules her own life.

With that said, let me tell all you women out there: do not pay for classes or advice. Try to get free answers first and do your research before you commit to certain software, social networking or utilities.

MY MOST VALUABLE ADVICE: Stop being afraid of your computer or the internet and stop using Internet Explorer!

May you become a tech gurl and rule or may you just respect us more.


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