Best Ways to Spearhead a FREE Tech Experience

I have been a techie longer than I have been almost anything else in my life. I started out playing pong on a 64 Commodore rigged to a humongous TV in my parents’ garage that was converted to a sorry bedroom.  After that, I was hooked on both MACs and PCs and until recently kept up with both platforms. I was already twentysomething. Then I discovered Adobe Pagemaker and Photoshop and became enthralled with desktop publishing. I love the internet. I live to Twitter.

More about me elsewhere…but right now, I want to share with you some tips that I have learned about the Internet and technology:

  1. EVERYTHING you want to know is on the Internet, you just have to be specific. Ex: model number of your camera to find batteries or manual.
  2. DEAD people are easy to find in the USA from the Social Security Index. ALIVE people are easy to find on FACEBOOK.  All free.
  3. CNET has download-able software with much of it free to try. There is a free or free to try software out there for almost everything imaginable. EX: converting files from one extension (file format) quickly.
  4. DO NOT use Internet Explorer. Ever. Malware is married to it.
  5. TAKE CARE of your computer with SPYBOT. Never tie anything to your start up menu unless you have to otherwise you’re asking for trouble.
  6. FREE Tutorials exist on how to do almost anything, just keep looking until you find the free ones.
  7. LISTSERVs still rock as a way to get cutting edge information to your email address, choose DIGEST versions, if available, and stay on top of what is new with Google, open source software and other topics.
  8. TWITTER is free, fun & easy to learn. Before sending a tweet out there with a beginning question…look it up on the Internet  & do some research.
  9. Check out free Internet radio, such as BlogTALKRADIO, and support Internet radio.
  10. Take a chance and dive into the deep end with technology and you’ll be glad you did, while you’re learning don’t forget to meditate.  FREE meditations at BeliefNET.